premium finished spruce clapboard: supply and Installation

supply and Installation

(A) 'Siding Supply and Prefinishing’ Services:

Our ‘Siding Supply’ Services include (a) finishing clapboard and trim for our own installation projects, and also (b) for contractors (or individual customers), who wish to install their own siding. We offer both services gladly- the only caveat being that, during very busy periods, we prepare the boards for our own installation projects first, prior to doing the siding for those jobs where we are not contracted with the installation. The average turn around time for individual orders on an average sized home (ie. 2600 sqft) is approx. 2 weeks. Customers have the full range of Benjamin Moore colours to choose from. Our favourite palate is the 'Heritage Colours of Newfoundland' or'Jelly Bean Row' collection of colours, developed by the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador. Contractor rates are available for larger orders. Shipping is available to most of the province.

Details of our Preparation Services: Using the hardiest, highest quality spruce clapboard and trim available anywhere, we prime and prefinish your wood siding (and trim) in our shop prior to installation. Our hands-on industrial process is one of spraying and back rolling all 6 sides. Utilizing the age-old method of ‘making fish,’ we use an interior ‘flake’ system to completely dry successive coats on your wood siding prior to installation. Given St. John’s volatile weather, this allows for a controlled, proper drying time (out of the relentless rain, drizzle and fog!), and ultimately ensures the longevity of the boards installed on your home. We prime, and then twice paint all our clapboard and trim. This makes for superior quality of your boards, and it makes final touch ups easier on site during installation. For your clapboard and trim, we only use Benjamin Moore products (Aqua-Lock Primer, Ben Exterior and Aura Exterior Paint). We believe when it comes to paint, only the best will do! Each of these paints comes with a warranty against paint failure (flaking, peeling, blistering, etc.). Please see the ‘Warranty’ page of this website for complete details.

(B) ‘Siding Installation’ Services:

Whether you are a homeowner looking to replace 30 year old cracked and faded vinyl, or a contractor looking to ensure that ‘heritage’ look on a new build, our services are here for you. Perhaps your wood siding or trim has water damage and is in need of removal or repair. We have 20+ years of experience installing clapboard and Cape Cod siding, and know what’s necessary to ensure the wood siding installed on your home lasts as long as your property itself. What's more, we proudly follow the installation guidelines set out by the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador (a PDF of that guideline is availablehere). Whatever your needs, you can count on our workmanship and professionalism; our work is of the highest quality. This is 100% Guaranteed.

Details of our Installation Services: For new home construction, or for existing siding retro-fits, the installation process is primarily the same – with the exception of the added step(s) of removing old vinyl, wood or ‘other’ siding and ensuring the sheathing beneath is dry, not rotted, and of superior quality. Starting then with the sheathing, we wrap your home with Tyvek Home Wrap, seal all seams with Tuck Tape, strap the entire structure at 16” centers using 1” strapping, thus creating a breathable, but watertight 'skin', coupled with the necessary air-cavity which prevents wood decay overtime. We also install pest screens beneath each wall of siding (unseen, at the bottom) to prevent insects or pests from invading and taking residence in the air cavity. For trim, we normally use 5/4” band-sawn spruce for all shadow and skirt boards, as well as windows and doors - the width of your trim (4”-7”) is dependent upon the style of the home, and 'the look' you wish to have. Windows and doors can be worked classically plain, or more ornate - depending on a homeowner's wishes. We normally install a beveled sill-cap (1 1/4" x 2 1/4") along the entire length of the skirt-board, as we feel it gives all structures a finished look.

The clapboard we use is 9/16” at the base of the bevel (3/4 inch is also available - special order). Normally, we use beveled siding, although we provide and install ‘scalloped’ or 'cove' clapboard upon request - also milled in central Newfoundland. For samples of our clapboard and trim, please contact us via email or phone, and we will be happy to provide them to you at no cost. Your clapboard is ‘back-caulked’ during installation using Quad Max sealant (again, because only the best will do). All windows and doors are also caulked to ensure your home or business is truly watertight! All field cuts are painted prior to installation, and all boards and trim are nailed with hot galvanized or stainless steel nails to prevent corrosion. We definitely encourage customers to choose stainless steel nails for clapboard because of  their superior resistance to rust. Once all boards have been installed, all nail heads, nicks to boards and trim, etc. are re-painted to ensure a final ‘finished’ look that will last for many years to come. This final step of painting and doing touch-ups is standard for all installation projects.

The labor associated with your siding installation is fully guaranteed for 10 years. Please see the ‘Warranty’ page of this website for details on the various aspects of our comprehensive warranty.