When you choose the Newfoundland Wood Siding Company, your project is 100% guaranteed. Our warranty coverage is given to you in writing at the time of booking, just as it is advertised here on the web.


First, the labor for your project is guaranteed for 10 years - against any issues that can be attributed to faulty installation. Examples of this might be: nails not properly attached to strapping, boards warping, cracking or pulling from strapping; seams not caulked properly so that water penetrates through cracks creating rot where boards meet. Our expert installers take the extra care necessary to ensure your siding lasts a lifetime (and longer). We back-caulk all seams, we properly strap all walls, and nail the boards to strapping using hot galvanized or stainless steel nails. We wrap your home using Tyvek, and tape all seams with Tuck tape; we use Blue Skin around windows and doors to ensure water never penetrates. We guarantee our work – honestly and completely! So, if anything is amiss with your siding in the 10 years after installation, and it is because of an oversight during installation, we’ll come back and fix it for free. No questions asked.


The second part of our coverage concerns our product and its longevity. Because we properly prime and paint our clapboard and trim in a controlled environment prior to installation (out of St. John's usual 'inclement' weather), we are happy to offer you Benjamin Moore’s Full Exterior Product Warranty. This includes a warranty on 100% Acrylic Exterior 'Aura' paint. This warranty covers any issues related to paint failure – flaking, peeling, blistering, or 'wearing down' to the primed substrate. To see a PDF of Benjamin Moore’s comprehensive exterior product warranty, click here. Of course, paint failure is one thing, and normal wearing is another. So, for regular color fading over time (due to damaging UV), we also proudly provide a guarantee on the 'finish' of your siding- we guarantee for 10 years that you will not need to paint a single side of your home or business due to obvious color discrepancies between sides.

There is no other warranty out there that is as comprehensive as ours. We are very proud to offer it to you!