Siding Repair and Repainting

At Newfoundland Wood Siding Company, we offer Siding Repair and Repainting Services for both residential and commercial properties. We are are a safety-first company, and we are fully insured (2 Million Liability).  No job is too large for us to take on; we take great pride, in fact, in completing projects that are not for the faint of heart! We are experts at scaffolding, and have the specialized equipment necessary to work the steep, charming hills of St. John's. We own all our own equipment, and thus do not need to pass along unwanted rental costs to you.

Water damage cannot be taken lightly; we know how quickly it can destroy your property- both outside and inside. We are experts in repairing/replacing old and rotted trim, broken boards, rotted window sills and door facings. Our repair and painting service is second to none! If you need doors, windows or special joinery replaced, we do indeed do that work, as well soffit, fascia, etc. As with our prefinished clapboard, we exclusively use Benjamin Moore paints and primers when repainting your home or business. If you are looking to repair siding or simply to re-caulk and repaint your home for maintenance or aesthetic purposes, we should be your first call.

For the mitigation and repair of water damage already apparent inside your home, we recommend our partner company, Full Spectrum Painting Inc., whose plaster-painters is very well known for their superior quality and professional service.

Siding Repair and Full Exterior Repainting Services