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The Newfoundland Wood Siding Company Ltd. is located in St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada. We specialize in the production, supply and installation of prefinished, premium spruce clapboard siding. We also offer full repair and repainting services for all structures presently sided with wood or similar composites. We offer various options of wooden trim (produced in-shop) to complement our siding products- simple to ornate, band-saw pine to rough spruce. Our installers are carpentry professionals with over 20 years experience; our work is second to none in terms of workmanship and beauty!

The Newfoundland Wood Siding Company Ltd. is proudly local. We believe deeply in preserving the heritage of Newfoundland and Labrador, and our company and products have been developed with this heritage in mind. For all our projects, we follow the guidelines set forth by the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador. Our cladding (and trim) is milled and kiln dried in Central Newfoundland. The raw material for our siding is black spruce, whose tight growth rings result from slow-growth patterns in Newfoundland’s boreal forest. Such slow growth patterns create boards of superior strength, with smaller knots and a rich appearance. Furthermore, our neighborhood  Paint Shop  supplies the Benjamin Moore  paint, primer and stain, which we use to finish your home. When it comes to our product, only the best lumber and paint will do; when it comes to supporting and promoting local business, we are a company that you can believe in!

If you love that ‘heritage’ look, and you are thinking of installing wood siding on your home, the time has never been better. Advances in paint, primer and stain technology, coupled with our hands-on, industrial priming and painting processes, mean that maintenance issues (formerly associated with wood siding) are a definitely thing of the past. In terms of overall longevity, our properly prepared and installed clapboard will long outlast vinyl siding without the worries associated with plastic: irreversible fading, cold weather cracking, susceptibility to wind damage, not to mention the environmental degradation caused by dumping more plastics into the landfill.

At the Newfoundland Wood Siding Company Ltd., we have geared our base prices to be competitive with ‘higher end’ vinyl siding, while also offering significant savings in relation to imported wood siding products (ie. Cape Cod, CanExel). We also offer a comprehensive, 100% written guarantee on all our work. Browse the pages of our website to see why wood siding is the right choice for you…

Why settle for vinyl, when you can have wood?

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